Join the Alliance

Together we are working to solve problems
caused by urban runoff in order to provide
the nation with clean water.

Why Stormwater?

Stormwater runoff is the only major source of water pollution that is increasing in many parts of the United States. Smart solutions and investments are needed to tackle this growing problem.

Solving Stormwater

Solving stormwater problems will require the work of many organizations, governments, sectors, and people. Solving stormwater issues requires an alliance.


The Problem:

Stormwater runoff is the only major source of water pollution that is increasing in many parts of the United States. Urban runoff is an issue with far reaching impacts that cause economic, social and environmental change.  In order to meet the challenge of stormwater pollution, we must address urban runoff more effectively and efficiently.

The Vision:

The National Municipal Stormwater Alliance’s (NMSA) vision is to provide clean water for the nation.  We will support MS4 permittees, enabling them to develop efficient and effective stormwater programs.  NMSA will serve as a voice for MS4 permittees, advocating for science-based policies and a detailed understanding of local stormwater management programs.  NMSA will represent the specific issues and concerns of the MS4 permitted stormwater sector at the national level with one unified voice.

Working Together, We Will:

Develop a unified national voice for local MS4 permittees

Advocate on behalf of MS4s permittees and seek regulatory changes that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of stormwater programs across the country

Connect MS4 programs and staff to share and build on the body of stormwater knowledge and materials

Help create a culture of public engagement where stormwater is a resource and  investment in effective stormwater management is supported

Promote stormwater solutions that provide multiple benefits

A storm drain in a neighborhood


Sector Support and Information

NMSA will pursue projects at a national scope that benefit MS4 permittees. We will work to transfer information and technology to our member state- and regional-level organizations representing MS4 permittees using a variety of platforms. NMSA will support existing state- and regional-level MS4-focused organizations and aid in the formation of new organizations.  NMSA will also collaborate closely with national organizations with an interest in stormwater.

Messaging and Communication

NMSA will explore national media campaigns and other initiatives to expand and amplify public education for stormwater.  We will collect, develop, and distribute education materials for the public and local decision-makers related to MS4 programs and practices.


NMSA will build and provide structured forums for the exchange of information, ideas, experience, and materials among MS4 permittees.  We will develop and distribute technical reports and guidance materials to the MS4 sector.  We will develop and disseminate ideas and experience related to permit language and TMDL Waste Load Allocation reduction approaches among MS4 permittees.

Policy and Advocacy

NMSA will give the MS4 community a conduit to Federal regulatory contacts and provide strategic support on policy actions at the national, state, and local levels. NMSA will also keep the MS4 community up to date on regulatory and legislative actions while providing policy analyses.

NMSA Leadership

Randy Neprash
NMSA Chair – Randy Neprash of the Minnesota Cities Stormwater Coalition

Randy is a Project Manager and Stormwater Regulatory Specialist with Stantec as well as a staff member of the Minnesota Cities Stormwater Coalition. The coalition is an organization of about 130 cities regulated under EPA’s MS4 stormwater permitting program. Randy has advised many public and private agencies on issues related to Total Maximum Daily Load studies and implementation plans, low impact development, and alternative stormwater management.


Scott Taylor
NMSA Vice Chair – Scott Taylor of the California Stormwater Quality Association

Scott is a Senior Vice President with Michael Baker, International. He is a nationally-recognized stormwater expert with more than 30 years of experience in stormwater quality, flood control, and stormwater management. Scott is a former board member and remains active with the California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA). With CASQA, Scott helps lead statewide efforts to develop pragmatic and sustainable policies and stormwater management programs.


Affiliate Members

NMSA has formed in close partnership with the Water Environment Federation and its Stormwater Institute to fill a need in the stormwater sector.  We are an incorporated 501.c.3 working to be established as a nonprofit. NMSA’s charter members are state- and regional-level organizations focusing on the interests of MS4 permittees. These groups and our executive committee sought input on MS4 needs to shape our initial action areas and direction.